CFP: Comp/Rhet Theory and Pedagogy Approaches to 20th and 21st Century American Poetry Studies

The 45th Annual Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900

Panel: Comp/Rhet Theory and Pedagogy Approaches to 20th and 21st Century American Poetry Studies

American poetry studies have recently been enriched by approaches from critical and pedagogical theories within the field of Composition and Rhetoric. In some cases, these approaches can open new avenues for scholarship of poetry communities, scandals, debates, and histories that traditional literary and poetry studies cannot.  The potential for Comp/Rhet theory and pedagogy to influence important questions of poetry studies is great, especially concerning “big debates” about poetry values in the current American poetry landscape.  Comp/Rhet (sometimes called Writing Studies, Writing and Communication, Rhetoric, or Composition) covers a wide range of topics related to the fields of composition, first-year writing, rhetoric, discourse, literacy, technical communication, genre studies, and writing center studies. In many institutions and publications, Comp/Rhet scholars’ research is deeply connected to and based on their teaching.

This panel seeks to highlight and discuss new work that furthers this enrichment of poetry studies through Comp/Rhet, and therefore welcomes papers or presentations that approach the topic in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: applying current theory in Comp/Rhet to debates, problems, or scandals in American poetry since 1900; studying the rhetoric or discourse of poetry communities and/or institutions; employing rhetorical theory for the study of one poet’s work; and deploying composition pedagogical praxis in poetry studies.

Abstract submissions, in Word or PDF format, for this panel should include 2 attachments:

Your Abstract

  • 300-words (double-spaced and titled), omitting all references to the submitter.  Previously presented or published papers are not eligible.

A Cover Letter with your

  • Name (as it will appear in the program)
  • Address
  • E-mail address (necessary to confirm your acceptance)
  • Academic affiliation (if applicable)
  • Title of paper/work (as it will appear in the program)
  • National origin/genre of work discussed (please be specific)
  • Personal biographical note (100-150 words)

Sent by September 1, 2016 to Rebecca Weaver (panel chair & organizer):


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